Mic'd Up

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Mic'd Up! features local musicians, artists, and entertainers performing live and discussing why they choose to be part of the cultural scene.  

Catch Mic'd Up! Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. 

Latest Episodes

Mic'd Up -- September 2018

Meet local band Calamity Brain and watch its members Brian, Homer, James Richard, and Thatcher perform.

Mic'd Up -- March 2018

Meet local band Bad Penny and watch its members Alfred Feliciano, Tom Laureanno, and Andrew Archer perform.

Mic'd Up -- February 2018

Meet local musicians Tim Archer and Chris Vital and hear them perform.

Mic'd Up -- January 2018

Meet professional storytellers Karen Chace, David Mello, and "Take Two Tandem Tellers" Cindy Killavey and Anne-Marie Forer.

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